Sermon Notes

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010123--"I AM Alpha and Omega"

010823--"Pressing On in 2023"

011523--"V-DAY:  Road to Victory!!"

012223-- "What's NEXT???"

012923--"A Second Look at the Second Coming"

020523-- "Kingdom Parables!"

021223--"Ready or Not!"

021923-- "Be Prepared!"

022623-- "Work Till He Comes"

030523--"Sheep or Goats?"

031223--"The First Resurrection"

031923--"Winners and Losers"

032623--"Children and the Kingdom?"

040223--"Thy Kingdom Come?"

040923--"What IF?!"

041623--"Teach Us to Pray!"

042323--"Don't Give Up!"

043023-- "The NEW Covenant!"

050723--"The Promised Land!"

051423--"Never Waste a Crisis"

052123--"LION of Judah!"

052823-- "Jesus Christ, the King!"

060423--"Portrait of a Servant"

061123-- "Dead or Alive?"

061823-- "Growing Old, like Caleb"

062523-- "Fruit Galore!"

070223-- "KING of kings!"

070923-- "Peace on Earth,  Goodwill to Men"

071623-- "True Satisfaction"

072323-- "Seeing is Believing?"

073023-- "Drawn to Christ!"

080623--"Eating Christ's Flesh and Drinking His Blood?"

081323-- "Does Baptism Save?"

082023-- "Three Responses"

082723-- "Waiting on God"

090323-- "In God's Waiting Room"

091023--"Having a Blast in the Kingdom"

091723-- "Friends of Israel"

092423-- "Our Mission"

100123-- "Wanted by God"

100823-- "Hope for Today!"

101523-- "Singing in the Rain"

102923--"A Proven Hope"

111223--"Called to Holiness!"

112623--"Living in the Fear of God"

Dispensational View of World History

Structure of the Book of Revelation

Outline of Kingdom Parables

Financial Reports (Elder-Deacon Meeting)

Proposed 2024 Budget

Outreach Team Minutes