Sermon Notes

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072521-- "Why Study Prophecy?"

080121--"Does God have a plan?"

080821--"God's Plan Unfolding"

081521-- "Conscience as Our Guide?"

082221--"Can Man Govern Himself?"

082921--"The Power of Promise"

090521--"The Rule of Law"

091221-- "You are HERE!"

091921--"Does the Church replace Israel?"

092621--"Are We Living in the Last Days?"

100321--"Signs of the Times"

101021--"Will He find faith?"

101721--"Our Blessed Hope"

103121-- "Thief in the Night"

110721-- "Kept from the Hour"

111421--"When God Pulls the Plug"

112121--"Going to Our Wedding"

120521--"This is YOUR Life!"

121221-- "Day of Reckoning"

122621-- "Claiming Your Prize"

010222--"ONE at Last"

010922-- "Worship the Lamb"

011622--"God's 490-Year Plan for Israel"

012322--"T Minus 7 and Holding"


020622--"Dimming the Lights"

021322--"The Times of the Gentiles"

022022--"The Rise of Little Horn"

022722-- "The Career of the Antichrist"

030622-- "Absolute Power"

031322--"Future Russian Aggression!"

032022-- "Gog Versus God!"

032722--"The Closing!"

040322-- "The Four Horsemen on the Apoclypse"

041022-- "The Martyrs' Cry!"

042422-- "Genuine Jehovah Witnesses"

050122-- "WAR in Heaven!"

050822-- "Ministry of Mom"

051522-- "Jewish Persecution"

052222-- "The Fear of God's Wrath!"

052922-- "Silence in Heaven"

060522--"The FOUR Trumpets"

061222-- "A Taste of Hell"

061922-- "Faith of Our Fathers"

062622--"Death Returns"

070322-- "Rebooted for Service"

071022-- "Craving God's Word"

072422-- "Jesus' Dearest Friends!"

073122-- "Jesus' Devoted Followers!"

080722-- "Redeemed!"

081422-- "Armed For Life"

082122--"Alert to Prayer"

082822--"Anticipating Christ's Coming!"

090422-- "Work Till He Comes"

091122-- "Pressure-Resistent Faith"

091822-- "Faith Tested"

092522-- "Final Act"

100222--"God's FINAL CALL!"

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