Sermon Notes

Download a copy of the sermon notes with Scripture (NKJV) here:

091320--"The Spirit's Endowment"

092020--"Distinctions and Misconceptions"

092720--"One Body--Many Members"

100420--"Is the Church Essential?"

101120-- "Christmas in October!"

101820--"The Coaching Staff"

102520-- "The Front Office"

110120--"The Gifts of Gab"

110820--"Ministering Gifts"

111520--"The Support Gifts"

112920--"The Better Way"


Spiritual Gift Inventory

Below is a copy of the Spiritual Gift Inventory.  If you want you can download all three documents, although you could view the Trait Inventory online and just download the Trait Answer Sheet and Trait Analysis.

Trait Inventory

Trait Answer Sheet

Trait Analysis

Summary on Spiritual Gifts